The Dragon Lord is a roaming Boss found in areas beyond Cinder Mountain Range.


Dragon Lord is a very powerful enemy. Due to his dexterity his attacks hit very often. He is capable of dealing 60+ crits of both bludge and pierce, but these attacks are seperate attacks not a single multi damage attack. He is weak to bludge, his horns have a DR of 5-10 while his body has a DR of around 25. A high damage bludge weapon (54+) is reccomended to make the fight go faster. To safely farm you should have a full set of Prots on your hitter with a chest and legs that have 95+ BC and 35+ DR. Every other piece should be at alteast 90/30 but that would be on the low end. Your runner should also have a full set of prot but with a focus on Dex Pen. A dex of 8 or higher on your runner will make fleeing much easier.