Initium Ettin


Ettin is an enemy found within the Tomb Center and many surrounding locations.


Ettin is not a particularly challenging enemy. The Heavy Bronze Battleaxe is in general, a poor weapon.

Damage Type: Bludgeoning and Slashing

Expect an average damage of roughly 15 Bludgeoning/Slashing, with very rare 50+ critical hits depending on the Heavy Bronze Battleaxe.

Weaknesses: Bludgeoning and Piercing

The Ettin's Muscled Hide is strong against Slashing damage and weak against Piercing and Bludgeoning.

Ettins also wear Chain Shirt which are strong against Piercing and Slashing damage but weak against Bludgeoning damage. Due to these, Bludgeoning damage will work better than Piercing damage against them, though Piercing will work wonder too.