The Forest Fire is a series of locations off of the Depraved Wilds, which were created by the raid boss Mount Leirscors. The only thing that changes with the four locations is the banner art. In each of these areas, the player will often find a plethora of Fire Elementals, and can also find the more uncommon Enraged Fire Elemental, which drops a limited-time item, the Sear Stone Necklace. All of these locations have the same description, campspace, and monsters as the infobox states.

Forest Fire 1, the first location, connected to the Depraved Wilds and Forest Fire 2.


Forest Fire 2, the second location connected to Forest Fires 1 and 3.


Forest Fire 3, the third location, connected to Forest Fire 2 and the Charred Forest.


Forest Fire 4, connected to the Charred Forest. Exploring this area leads you to Mount Leirscors.

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