Initium FrostGiantShaman


The Frost Giant Shaman is a boss found in the Glacial Temple.


Fighting Shaman is all about being willing to sacrifice characters.

Weapons: Freezing Touch (Extremely high Bludge/Pierce damage, up to 130+) and Shaman's Greataxe (Medium-High Slash) Weakness: Pierce

The Frost Giant Shaman quirk is his Freezing Touch spell, a low dura very-high bludgeoning/piercing damage spell. If you try to face the attack head on, be prepared for death as an non-critical attack can deal 80 damage without strength bonus.

As such, it is imperative to wear out the spell, preferably via 5/5/5 Alts sacrifice. An exact number of 6 alts is needed, though the durability of the spell could possibly vary.

Once the Freezing Touch is exhausted, the Shaman becomes a much easier boss, dealing only Slash damage. Wear an Aseridith Heavy Plate, a Full-Plate or anything with high Slash resistance. Wail on him with Pierce weapons and you will eventually best him, earning insane loot in the process.


  • Contrary to popular belief, it seems there is no respawn timer on the Frost Giant Shaman.