Initium GuardianOfTheCore

"Find the Crystal"


The Guardian of the Core is a raid boss found off of the Core of Smoldering Mountain.

When the Guardian of the Core was released:

"During the search for the Artifact reports been received that a loud crashing noise came from within the core, caution is best advised."

Upon Defeat

"As the crystal is released from the guardian, it rises in the air and points in the direction of the mountain and in a flash, is gone. Reports say as soon as the crystal was released Mount Leirscors made its way to the Lost Sea Shore. It waits for the citizens of Initium to gather?"


The Guardian of the Core is capable of hitting extremely hard, with critical hits landing for over 60 damage. It is essential to bring a good Full-Plate, as he deals slashing and bludgeoning damage.

The Damage Resistance is as follows

  • Molten Armor: EAE, 22. NNP, 5
  • Burning Morning Star: AAA, 7

Damage Dealt:

  • Burning Morning Star: 1d30, 2x Crit. Deals bludgeoning.
  • Fiery Whip: 4d5, 2x Crit. Deals slashing.