The High Kingdom is a dynamic and growing group who keep mid level and low level gear in common. We give a 2k loan to any new player who joins our group and needs a house. We also have a pact of rescue when possible.

We strive to be high in three ways:

  1. We are morally high. We fight for justice, and the rescue of others.
  2. We are high because our temple is high up on a mountain
  3. I'll let the reader decide the third way in which we are high.

We welcome any and all players whether you are a more casual or more hardcore player you will find a home in the High Kingdom.

Death: 3/1/2017

On this day, High Kingdom took it's final breath. After being attached to life support by Dolds and Pretz for so long, Dolds made the decision to unplug them. The Myrmidons took High Kingdom into their arms, then brutally ate the body, leaving behind only a legacy of what once was.

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