What is an instance?

Instances are special areas where a set number of monsters will be spawned periodically, blocking the way to any player trying to enter the area. Typically, instances are also the homes of bosses dropping unique gear.

They are easily recognized by the red text saying "Reinforcement will arrive in...".

Instances are critical places to test one's player skill, and obtain high quality gear from bosses.

Instance mechanics

  • 1v1 Combat

In instances, combat is dealt on a 1v1 basis. That means you won't be able to fight as a party against a monster, and will be on your own during all your fights.

As such, instanced fights are way more difficult than normal fights.

  • Looting system

When someone, NPC or Player, lands the killing blow on another unit, all the equipped gear and inventory of the struck down unit is instantly sent to the killer's inventory.

As long as you aren't currently overburdened, you will get all the gear even if it bypass your carrying capacity.

  • Timer

You generally can't find monsters via exploring in instanced areas. There are exceptions of course.

Instead, a set number of monsters are spawned periodically according to a timer. The timer will only start going down once a monster of the instanced area is killed.

Once the timer has reached 0, the monsters will be spawned upon the next server tick. There is around 10min between each ticks.

Timers vary wildly, some counting mere minutes while other are set to a whole week.

  • Forced Out

When the monsters of an instanced area are spawned, any player present in the area are forcefully teleported out of the instance, typically at the very beginning of the instance.

Instances List by Starting Area and Boss

Troll Cave (Troll King)

Ratalgul Swamp (Boggart Chieftain)

Goliath Gulch (Drub'Lak Chieftain / Gor'Grub Chieftain / Canyon Colossus)

Feeder Stream (In'Darill / Raptor Spinner)

Bandit Fort (Ragnar the Cruel)

Narrow Stairway (Shadow Master)

Aseridith Keep Dungeon (Aseridith Executioner)

Fort Black (The Black King)

Nomad Soldiers Camp (The Imperial Desert Prince)

Mausoleum of Gol'Shlanek (Gol'Shlanek)

Vault Entrance (Drow High Sorcerer)

Volantis Arena (Magnar the Bloodthirsty / Loric / Greybeard the Wise / Retired Legionnaire / Black Lord Kathius)

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