Welcome to the info hub for the Mystics group. Here you will find everything you need to know about us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our members.

Basic History

The Mystics group was created by jDyn of Aera in September of 2016, with the sole mission of assisting beginners in any way possible. Even though little time has passed since the group's inception, many of these former beginners have become very adept, and show their individual flavors of strength, courage, and personality. There is no doubt that as the group grows, these traits will become more and more important in driving the Mystics forth to gain a strong foothold in this world.

Vision and Purpose

Our vision and purpose can be summed up by 2 key points:

  1. The Mystics are a noble kind, renown for their courage and penchant for goodwill.
    • In addition to being strong as a group, we each demonstrate fortitude and take much pride in our individual talents and achievements. However, strength matters not if not coupled with compassion. We do not ever hesitate to help others who are in need, if we can be of valuable assistance.
  2. We are driven by our desire to find a greater purpose, and pave the way for future generations while fortifying our own.
    • We do our best to stay above any drama fueled by pettiness, and instead focus on constructive ways to continue strengthening ourselves and our land. You will not find us succumb to bickering in times of conflict and distress. Rather, we will be surveying the facts and focusing on solutions & opportunities for improvement. It is our dream to see Initium flourish for generations to come, and clouding our judgement with rash emotion benefits no one.

Significant Events

Date Event
9/31/2016 A divine being reaches out to the people of Aera, demanding that order need be returned to this world, that the suffering has gone on long enough. jDyn, a simple man, volunteers to lead this charge, and the Mystics group is established.
10/10/2016 As a gift to us from the divine beings of Initium, the Mystic Sanctuary is built and established in Aera.
10/19/2016 Strange enemies gather below our castle in the depths of the canyon. In response, the Mystics rappel down and slay the demons, recovering the coveted and precious: Mystic Stone Amulet.
11/16/2016 The Mystics follow a divine calling to the depths of the Lost Sea, and uncover an artifact that was once lost many centuries ago. They know it from lore as a great weapon - a great axe known as the Mystics' Divine Will. We now hold this in our vault until the day comes when we shall use it again.
11/22/2016 The Mystics storm the Black Fortress and vanquish The Black King, putting an end to his tyranny imposed upon the citizens of Aera.
12/25/2016 jDyn awakes from his slumber on Christmas morning to find his house ransacked, and emptied. The culprit has yet to be identified, but the motive is clear. The Mystics will not give up, and we will restore order to these lands.

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