LFN ehT noiJ

The unofficial logo used for the Noob Fighting League (NFL)

The Noob Fighting League (NFL) is a player-made event that is hosted in the North Mountain Range Stone Tower. It is a PVP event in which premium members make a fresh alternate character, equip basic items, and battle.


The NFL is a knockout tournament, with players set into brackets.

To set this up, players are given around an hour to:

  1. Create an alternate character,
  2. Find/Loot/Buy items that are able to be worn by the player,
  3. Find a way to the North Mountain Range Stone Tower, either by:
    • Following the paths traveled by another alt, or the main character,
    • Get "taxi'd" by another character (Join the other character's party, wait for said character to travel to the tower.)
  4. Get into the camp inside the tower,
  5. Announce your main character's name in the Local Chat.

The camp located inside of the stone tower is useful for a couple reasons: it is a small place free of enemies, where all participants can easily gather. It is also used to revive players who have died in their bracket duel, so that all players can still see the results of fights.


There are only a few rules for the tournament:

  1. Participants must be a premium member of Initium. (to make things easier)
  2. Participants must be alternate characters of their main character, with base stats. (5 strength, 5 dexterity, 5 intelligence prior to equipping items)
  3. All items used by a participant must have a strength requirement.
  4. None of the following items are allowed:
    • Epic weapons or armor
    • Shurikens
    • Rapiers



Hosted around June 8th, 2016, this tournament consisted of five participants.

The prize was a Protector's Helm, donated by NinjaKrill, but because he was the winner the prize went to the second-best participant, R R.

Alt Name (Main Name) Rankings
NinaKirl (NinjaKrill) #1 (Winner)
R R (Roger Rabbit) #2 (Prize Recipient)
SernieBanders (salt) #3
politburo (watergate) #4
JOHN CENA (?) #5


Date TBA

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