High Strength, but low Dexterity; the Ogre can be a dangerous foe for the ill equipped explorer.


Ogres equip themselves with Greatclubs, a two-handed Bludgeoning weapon, and no armor; This makes the Ogre very vulnerable to Piercing attacks.

Armor versatile in blocking or deflecting Bludgeoning attacks but with a low Dexterity penalty is highly suggested when hunting Ogres.

A high Dexterity stat is highly valuable to players when hunting Ogres due to their low Dexterity, but high Strength stat. Failing to beat an Ogre's hit roll can result in the player taking a large crushing blow from the Ogre's Greatclub. A player with a Half-Pike, a low Dexterity penalty, and a modest Dexterity stat can face Ogres will little threat of the Ogre landing a hit. If an Ogre does land an attack against the player, they should consider recovering as soon as possible.