Premium membership is awarded to a player who has donated at least 5 dollars or more. If you have any extra credits, you can gift an "Initium Premium Membership" token (Commonly referred to as a "Premium Membership token") to another player. This allows them to gain premium if they haven't already had it. To become premium go to your profile page and donate 5 dollars, this will give you:

  • Grants you the ability to be saved. When you die, you will become "unconscious" and shall be able to be saved. However, be wary as people can kidnap you and put you in their house, thus you are locked in a "prison".
  • Your name will be a crimson red. You'll fit in!
  • Your character will not forget house links, so you no longer have to save them.
  • Multiple character support. This allows you to quickly switch and create characters.

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