The "Print" boss was a raid boss created on May 10, 2017 by [Dev] Alteru as a joke. The "Print" boss was spawned in the Dense Jungle 6 area and was immediately engaged in combat by SteveandBob (now SteveandBob II after accidently deleting his character while rerolling). The "Print" boss died that evening at 11:15 pm killed by SteveandBob. The "Print" boss was a thief with 10 times health and Protector stats. The joke goes as this, the same day, SteveandBob had typed into chat that "their weren't enough prints to krill," when he was actually trying to complain about how their weren't enough prots to krill. Alteru decided to make an actual Print and sent it after SteveandBob. SteveandBob barely managed to escape with 8 health remaining after the almighty Devs decided to have mercy and deal 80 damage to the "Print".

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