Character Stats

Upon creation, each character has 3 stats that start at 5, and then have a randomly generated cap. Strength can cap from 9 to 11, dexterity can cap from 8 to 10 and intelligence can cap from 8 to 10. This article will explain what these 3 stats are used for. If you want more information on how to generate a character with the highest stats possible, go look at Staub's Rerolling Guide.


Strength is randomly generated from 9 to 11 when you make your character. Strength has several uses in Initium. First of all, your strength determines what your HP is. Every point of HP you have adds 3 health to your character. The most HP your character can have is 49, which is achieved around 10.7 strength. A higher strength also means that your character can carry more items.

In combat, a strength bonus is added to every attack. The higher your strength, the higher the bonus will be. As well, every weapon and armor piece has a strength requirement. If your character does not have at least the listed strength, they will not be able to equip the item.


This is used to determine the odds of a hit or a miss taking place. The way it works is this: If you are attacking a monster, you generate a random number from 0 to your dex (+/- any penalties/bonuses), and the monster does the same. As the attacker, if the random number picked is higher than the monster's random number, it is considered a hit. This same process is repeated for when monsters attack you. If the monster rolls a higher number than you (0 to dex+/-modifiers) then the monster successfully hits.

Your effective dexterity (the value in parenthesis next to your dexterity stat) is calculated according to the following rules.


Intelligence currently only has one use: Every point after 4 gives 2.5% extra critical chance.

Improving Character Stats

All stats increase when you attack in combat, regardless of if you hit or not. Strength rises the fastest, then dexterity, and then intelligence.