Rerolling guide

Written by Staub - but all the info came from Badbot and Stego. Thanks for sharing your experience with me so I could put it into a guide!

Note: Rerolling can take a lot of time and is NOT RECOMMENDED for new players (2 weeks or less, at least). Get to know the game, get a feeling for the mechanics, and when you know what is important to you, you can come back to Reroll.

So… you’ve been playing the game for a while now and have been looking at your stats with a sense of dread, wanting the numbers to be higher, but knowing damn well that they wont? Falter not - cause I am here to save your day and teach you the arts of rerolling!


So whats all this big talk about “Stat caps” and rerolling about anyways?

In this game every character and mob possesses 3 Stats: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. All of these 3 Stats increase per every attack attempt (hit) on your side, whether it is successful or not.

There is a stop to that progression - its when a Stat has reached its maximal value. That maximal value is called the Stat cap, and it is determined at the start of a characters life.

Possible stat caps range between 9-11 for Strength, 8-10 for Dexterity and 8-10 again for Intelligence, and for every characters life, every stat cap is different. That means if you die or recreate your character, you will get new and different Stat caps. And this progress of checking your projected stat caps, killing your char if these are unsatisfactory, and again checking your stats caps is what is referred to as rerolling.

The reason why we can figure out our future stats caps when we’re still hours of game play away from it is that the value of your stat cap determines how quick your stat is improving, aka how many hits it takes for it. The higher your cap is, the faster you will improve. So all you need to do is to count the hits it takes to raise your stats!

How to do it

So rerolling is the process of first checking your projected stat caps; if those are unsatisfying, you secondly discard your character by dying or deleting and recreating your character (click on your name, your profile page and scroll down, its the last link), hoping that your newborn char has stats more to your liking. You repeat this until you get a char with satisfying stat caps.

If your character isn’t capped already (be cautious, progress does slow down a lot at the end), CALCULATE YOUR CURRENT STATS CAPS BEFORE KILLING YOUR CHARACTER. You calculate your stats cap by counting the hits needed for raising a stat. Marcus' stat caps calculator is where you type in the number of hits and the kind of change your attack attempts brought about.

However, there are some guidelines that make rerolling easier. They show you what kind of stats are good after a certain number of hits - what number of hits are especially noteworthy check points, so to speak. You dont have to reach them all - they just show you what you can expect from your char, so that you early on can decide if its worth trying a bit more. Also they need an almost perfect progression, hint towards (almost) perfect stat caps; rolling these might take you a long time and you know best if thats worth the effort.

A decent/usable Alt:

  • 2 hits: 5.01 dex
  • 8 hits: 5.05 / 5.02 / 5.01
  • 17 hits: 5.10 / 5.05 / 5.01
  • 20 hits: 5.12 / 5.06 / 5.01
  • 22 hits: 5.02 int
  • 31 hits: 5.18 / 5.09 / 5.02
  • 50 hits: 5.29 / 5.14 / 5.04

A Max Roll Alt:

  • 2 hits: 5.01 Dex
  • 8 hits: 5.05 / 5.02 / 5.01
  • 9 hits: 5.05 / 5.03 / 5.01
  • 13 hits: 5.08 / 5.04 / 5.01
  • 16 hits: 5.10 / 5.05 / 5.01 - just 5.05 dex is fine if you get 5.11 str at 18
  • 18 hits: 5.11 / 5.05 / 5.01
  • 20 hits: 5.12 / 5.06 / 5.01
  • 22 hits: 5.02 int - that will give you an Int above 9
  • 23 hits: 5.14 / 5.07 / 5.02 - If you get this, you probably have op stats
  • 30 hits: 5.18 / 5.09 / 5.02 - Getting 5.09 at 31 can also get you 9.95+ dex
  • 45 hits: 5.13 dex - ideal
  • 48 hits: 5.14 dex
  • 49 hits: 5.29 str
  • 50 hits: 5.04 int - again, like for 16 hits, thats ideal, so not every one of these has to be reached. Especially not the Int stat - you’d need a very high Int cap for that.
  • 64 hits: 5.05 Int - ideal
  • 72 hits: 5.42 str - ideal
  • 73 hits: 5.21 dex - ideal

While these check points offer you a quick and dirty overview of your future caps, dont forget to still watch the progress of your stats and type them into Marcus calculator, cause thats where you get a more certain, clearer projected stat cap!


So now you’ve rolled a character that seems decent enough to give it a real try. Naturally, you want to progress as soon as possible. To do that we’ll exploit the fact that missing hits count too; basically, we try to spend as much time at one enemy, hitting him as often as possible until he goes down. Also we dont want to have to leave our farming site too often to heal. To accomplish this, you can do the following:

  • Look for enemies with low dex (wont deal damage often) and high block (wont receive damage often). Black Guards on Black Mountain are the advice most will give you, but beware! If you die no one will rescue you - there are so many old battle sides that its highly unlikely to find you!
  • Dual-wield shields for high block and low damage
  • Lower your dex by using high dex-penality equipment and by drinking beer
  • Set up camps as opposed to exploring so that you dont accidentally find paths and waste time travelling back; also if you actually have a camp, you could alternate between resting and defending. However most times that camp gets destroyed
  • General LPT: Have a party full of Runner Alts - alternative accounts that you switch to when your main is low on HP and in a fight. You run away then with your alt. Its recommended to use high dex characters for that.

That’s about it. Good luck rerolling ;)

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