The Myrmidon members are helpful and friendly players. They accept most players into their ranks, but are strict on activity. None active members are removed from the group after a period of time.

Their base is located in both Volantis and Aera 


The Myrmidons are an old group of adventurers that looked over the land of Initium long before any of its iconic landmarks. The first Myrmidon was said to have traveled from a land far across the sea and settled in Aera.


Myrmidons are one of the few groups at this time to take part in quests set up by fellow players. The group itself has a long history with past quests and have brought some new elements to their members. Myrmidon members have the opportunity to complete quests to earn tokens. These tokens can be traded for gear. The amount and quality of gear increases with the difficulty of the quest and amount of tokens you hand in.

Quests Available:

Tier 1: Find and retrieve 5 sapphires.

Reward: 1 Token

Tier 2: Find 1 Gold Rapier 1 Gold Macuahuitl and 1 Gold HalfPike.

Reward: 2 Tokens


Not much is know about the religion the Myrmidons hold faith in. There are stories of an inner circle of members that have been blessed by the God of Death himself and taken into The Blood Order under the ritual of Rubeus Manus. Members that are taken into the order and bound by blood and soul to the mighty God of Death in return for power and riches.