Are you considering applying, or a new recruit, and wondering if this is the crew for you? Read on to get a gist…

  • Reborn players are active and communicative. We use a discord server to supplement the chat in game, and a subreddit to organize.
  • Our play style varies broadly. We are home to players ranging from casual to addicted.
  • We share resources, information, assistance, and we jump at the opportunity to rescue a fallen fellow.
  • We are allied with other groups in the game, and provide assistance if called upon whenever possible to our allies.
  • We welcome ‘tinkerers’ - players who script, or are testing in the game dev environment. Our members are very curious about the game.


The Public Safety Policy outlines rescue guidelines. Rescues are a very high priority for The Reborn. Members who rarely participate in rescues may be questioned or called out.

We value the sharing of our resources. We would rather that all of our members have a baseline of good gear than have a couple of very rich players on the team. For this reason, we encourage that members donate a portion of their farmed gear or gold so that we may provide basic equipment. Admins can provide guidance on what sort of equipment is needed.

We value engagement. We hope that our members say hello in chat when they are playing. It is important to us that our members do not become ‘lost’ in the roster. Cultivating active communication also keeps us safer from infiltration.

We highly value teamwork and honorable, sportsmanlike conduct when playing together. If our members team up against a harder mob or boss, we do expect that our players will make arrangements for the drops and/or settle disputes charitably and respectfully.

We highly value accessibility to leadership. Leaders aim to create an environment where players feel safe and respected, and are willing to document issues or provide insight/feedback without fear of repercussion. The Leadership aims to be visible in chat, prompt in responding to private messages, and as respectful as possible with our members.

The Reborn values its group reputation in the overall community of the game. We safeguard our reputation by offering players answers to questions, assistance in escort or rescues, and by respecting the claims system. We are also able to safeguard our reputation by not being assholes in global chat as best as possible.

Above said, we do acknowledge that in this game, there are smaller competitions between players. We will not be cowed into submission and will tactically respond as appropriate. Our members are not reprimanded for exacting justice. However when a member has beef with someone, that does not obligate the rest of the group to beef. Some beef may be sanctioned by the group leadership, and some may be unsanctioned at leadership’s discretion.


  • We currently expect applicants to be at least 40health on their main character.
  • We're open to players who are team players, fair, willing to learn, and who want to play in a friendly community. New players are welcome to join. To apply, find The Reborn link on a player's profile in-game and apply. Find an admin on the roster to private message about your application. Admins are always willing to answer questions about the group.
  • Please note that the Reborn does have some basic rules. Ask an Admin about them when discussing your application.



New members are inducted into this rank for approximately one week. During this time, players have the opportunity to get to know the group and the group's rules. Players who progress to the next rank have accepted to play by the rules of The Reborn, and accept the team's values and safety procedures.


Our fellows are active and contribute to a friendly rapport in chat. They are willing to ask and answer questions, and willing to help rescue those in need of assistance. We give players a period of two weeks at this rank to get to know the group's members, to exhibit interest in playing Initium actively, and to show that they can be fair and sportsmanlike.


These players are loyal, trust one another, and model good play practices. They form the foundation of the group, and their ideas and feedback shapes the group's progress going forward. Their generosity, concern, and camaraderie makes Reborn what it is. All of our recruits are expected to qualify for this rank within a month of active play. Veteran rank members facilitate rescue communications in order to keep players safer. These players are designated with a 'v' tag on the roster.

Quest Master (and Questing Apprentice)

These members facilitate Reborn quests. Questing helps players at all levels to explore and engage the Initium world, traveling to areas in a progression that is challenging and rewarding. Questing also helps to occasionally break from the regularity of farming. By the great generosity of some Reborn players, Quest prizes currently include epics (upcoming Hailstorm and Wrath of Lotan).

Lore Master

The Lore Master gathers stories of the Reborn's exploits in the game and helps to craft a narrative. Our Lore Master is also the supreme interpreter of the truth of Hod, presiding as Hod's High Phoenix in the First Church of Hod. Many disciples have encountered the lore of Hod under the tutelage of the High Phoenix.

Master Namer

The Master Namer of Reborn contributes to custom commands for Reborn's Hod Bot on the discord server. The namer listens carefully to the secret workings of the game and helps our players to gain mastery over the chaos. He is often accompanied by a meddlesome monkey. This player has a special aptitude for interpreting the shifting winds of Initium, and is a trusted adviser.


Admins promote active play and handle group goals and strategy, member safety, training, recruiting, intelligence gathering and dissemination, rank promotions, party organization, event facilitation, overall quest facilitation, help resolve disputes equitably, keep open lines of communication with other groups in the game, maintain alliances, and help make basic gear and information accessible to members. Admins are available to members for questions, advice, and to listen to member feedback.