NOTE: This group does not exist anymore. The remnants of the group have been merged into Reborn. Eradomens founded a new group, The Holy order of the potato. 


Welcome to recruitment page for the Wild Potato Roots. Here you can find some basic information on our group and our policies. If you have any questions about the faith, you can contact any of our members or message the Archbishop Eradomens.


Our purpose is to spread the faith of the one true god of Initium to all of its creatures and to root out heresy wherever it may be found. We strive to create a better world for all and believe in actively aiding others in the community to create a friendly environment for new members in our group and new entrants into the world of Initium.


  • Winner of the Herald of Xolotl's event
  • Slayer of the heretical raid boss, The Lunar Champion